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Celebrity Lookalike Sunday Special





Lookat kesha tryna be like Gaga.


Boycott Honey BooBoo!


I almost hate to say it but if I was anyway near this kid I’d probably trip her. I’s be screaming for her to shut the fuck up every time she opened her mouth. Almost sorry.
Honey Boo Boo isn’t naturally precocious. She puts on little acts because all the adults around her encourage this annoying behavior. It’s not cute. It’s just plain annoying. Not too mention borderline racist.
TLC really hit the jackpot with this show. A toddler pageant contender and a super coupon fanatic. Personally I don’t understand why so many people are infatuated with these gross hillbillies.
Anyone know where she got her nickname? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.