So it was weirding me out that Hobbes and Tigger are both stuffed animals. When I was a kid I could hardly read or even understand what the fuck was going on in Calvin and Hobbe’s cartoon strips. I think I even thought of him as a poor man’s Tigger.
Just occurs to me now that they’re both stuffed animals and are only alive through the imagination of their child. Started freaking me out.
But then I thought maybe Hobbes is just a Tigger doll. Maybe Calvin’s parents bought him a Tigger doll and it was just renamed Hobbes. Seems possible that Calvin would live in a universe where Winnie the Pooh exists and thereby has merchandise available for purchase.
I had to make this logic up so I could sleep tonight.


Rachel Zoe Was In Jungle 2 Jungle


Ok that’s not true but the character and Rachel Zoe have a lot in common. One of their favorite words is “major”, they both love Bloomingdales and they have camera crews following them around.
Disney knew about Rachel Zoe before she even was Rachel Zoe.
My brain just melted and I think I just shit my pants. Do you smell that?

I’ll Be Damned If I’ll Let A Supposed Stalker Ruin A Perfectly Good Buffet

So yesterday I was standing in line for some buffet at Sam’s Town, already feeling uncomfortable seeing as my bra clasp had come undone somehow, when I see a have a tweet from someone saying I have a stalker.
I don’t wanna give too much exposition on account of how ridiculous it really was. Long story short I lost 2 mutual followers cuz people dunno how to use the block button or how to fill out a harassment report.
I really don’t like being pulled into other people’s Twitter wars.
If you have beef with someone, take it up with Twitter. Rilla can’t fight your battles for you. Twitter won’t let me. I checked.
Don’t drag Rilla into it and then give her attitude when she’s gives you the only good advice you’re gonna get on the matter cuz that bitch will block your ass in a heart beat.
If someone is harassing you online and you don’t bother blocking them or reporting them than I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that you get off on it.

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